Remote Control

-- This remote control has Braille points on the Power, Channel and Volume buttons can be used by visually impaired persons.

Turns the TV on/off.









Turns the Set-top box on and off.

























Displays and selects available video


















































Gives direct access to channels.
















Alternately selects Teletext ON, Double,

Mix or OFF.

Turns the sound on/off.

Adjusts the volume.

Displays the Channel List. Opens the OSD (Menu).

Returns to the previous channel.

Changes the current channel.

Brings up Smart Hub applications. Refer to the e-Manual chapter, Smart Features > Smart Hub.

Displays the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

Quickly selects frequently used functions.














Displays information on the TV screen.














Moves the cursor, selects the on-screen


























menu items, and changes the values





























shown on the TV's menu.













Exits the menu.

Returns to the previous menu.
















: Enable Football Mode for an optimal










































Use these buttons according to the




























sports viewing experience.

directions on the TV screen.










































SEARCH: Press this button to use the

































search window.































Use these buttons with specific features.














KEYPAD: With the virtual remote control














on the screen, you can easily enter digits,

Use these buttons according to the

























control content, and use functions.

directions on the TV screen.

























E-MANUAL: Displays the e-Manual.

































P.SIZE: Change the picture size.

















AD/SUBT.: Displays the Accessibility


















Inserting batteries (Battery size: AAA)

Ensure that the polarities (+ and -) are correct.

1 2


-- The colour and shape may vary depending on the model.

English - 8

-- Use the remote control within a distance of 7 m from the TV.

-- Bright lights may affect the performance of the remote control. Avoid using the remote control near special fluorescent lights or neon signs.