features of your new samsung washing machine

Your new washing machine will change the way you feel about doing laundry. From its super-size capacity to its energy efficiency, the Samsung washing machine has all the features to turn a mundane chore into a pleasure.

• Baby Care System

Your Samsung washing machine includes wash programs that adds protection to the clothing of children with sensitive skin.

These programs reduce skin irritation in children by minimizing detergent residue. In addition, these programs classify laundry into various types and the wash is performed according to the laundry characteristics so that children feel refreshingly clean whenever they put on their clothes.

• Child Lock

The Child Lock function ensures that curious little hands are kept out of your washing machine.

This safety feature stops your children from playing with the operation of the washing machine, and alerts you when it is activated.

• Delay End

Delay a cycle for up to 19 hours in one-hour increments and increase the convenience of using your washing machine especially when you have to go out.

• 15’ Quick Wash

No time to lose! 15 minutes wash will give you time to run out before it’s too late.

Our 15 minute Quick Wash program can be the solution to your busy life.

Now you can wash your favorite clothes in 15 minutes!

• Hand Wash Program

Special care can be determined by the appropriate temperature, the gentle wash action and the appropriate amount of water.

• Ceramic Heater for Durability & Energy Saving (selected models)

Our truly innovative Ceramic Heater is twice as durable as regular heaters.

That saves you money on repairs. Plus, it eliminates the scale of hard water and save energy.

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