The following symbols provide garment care directions. The care labels include four symbols in this order: washing, bleaching, drying and ironing, and dry cleaning when necessary.

The use of symbols ensures consistency among garment manufacturers of domestic and imported items. Follow the care label directions to maximize garment life and reduce laundering problems.





Resistant material





Can be ironed at 100 ˚C max















Delicate fabric





Do not iron















Item may be washed at 95 ˚C





Can be dry cleaned using any

































Item may be washed at 60 ˚C





Dry clean with perchloride, lighter









fuel, pure alcohol or R113 only
























Item may be washed at 40 ˚C





Dry clean with aviation fuel, pure









alcohol or R113 only
























Item may be washed at 30 ˚C





Do not dry clean















Item may be hand washed





Dry flat





















Dry clean only





Can be hung to dry






















Can be bleached in cold water





Dry on clothes hanger






















Do not bleach





Tumble dry, normal heat






















Can be ironed at 200 ˚C max





Tumble dry, reduced heat























Can be ironed at 150 ˚C max





Do not tumble dry




















This appliance is manufactured from recyclable materials. If you decide to dispose of this appliance, please observe local waste disposal regulations. Cut off the power cord so that the appliance cannot be connected to a power source. Remove the door so that animals and small children cannot get trapped inside the appliance.

Do not exceed the detergent quantities recommended in the detergent manu-facturers’ instructions.

Use stain removal products and bleaches before the wash cycle only when strictly necessary.

Save water and electricity by only washing full loads (the exact amount depends upon the program used).


This appliance complies with European safety standards, EC directive 93/68 and EN Standard 60335.

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