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Congratulations on your new Samsung ActivFresh™ washer. This manual contains important information on the installation, use and care of your appliance. Please take time to read this manual to take full advantage of your washer’s many benefits and features.


Please read this manual thoroughly to ensure that you know how to safely and efficiently operate the extensive features and functions of your new appliance and retain it at a safe place near the appliance for your future reference. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this instruction manual.

Warnings and Important Safety Instructions in this manual do not cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. It is your responsibility to use common sense, caution, and care when installing, maintaining, and operating your washer.

Because these following operating instructions cover various models, the characteristics of your washer may differ slightly from those described in this manual and not all warning signs may be applicable. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your nearest service center or find help and information online at


What the icons and signs in this user manual mean:






Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury,


death and/or property damage.












Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in personal injury and/or


property damage.












To reduce the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock, or personal injury


when using your washer, follow these basic safety precautions:


















Do NOT attempt.












Do NOT disassemble.












Do NOT touch.












Follow directions explicitly.












Unplug the power plug from the wall socket.












Make sure the machine is grounded to prevent electric shock.

















Call the service centre for help.



















These warning signs are here to prevent injury to you and others.

Please follow them explicitly.

After reading this section, keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Read all instructions before using the appliance.

As with any equipment using electricity and moving parts, potential hazards exist. To safely operate this appliance, become familiar with its operation and exercise care when using it.

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