Snapper P/N 7078273, 0-50576 manual k,WARNING, Introduction

Models: 0-50576 P/N 7078273

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Follow operation and maintenance instructions in the Operator's Manual provided with the Snapper CZT/HZT.


1.Select desired cutting height. Choose a setting that will

not attempt to cut off too much at once, overloading the machine.

2.After starting engine and allowing a brief warm up peri- od, move engine speed control to highest setting.

3.Drive machine to cutting area. Engage blades.

4.Select a slow forward ground speed until familiar with conditions. Do not select a speed that is too fast, caus- ing the machine to become overloaded.

5.The weight of the grass catcher and contents will affect the stability and handling of the machine. Avoid sudden starts and sharp turns. Reduce speed on slopes, and DO NOT operate machine on slopes exceeding 10 degrees (18% grade). Operate machine up and down slopes. DO NOT operate machine across the face of slopes. Turn blades off when traveling up slope.

6.Empty grass catcher bags often to minimize effect on stability and handling. Over filling the catcher bags will

reduce performance and cause clogging of the hose, blower and deck.

7.Do not operate the machine with the Grass Catcher cover open. The entire Grass Catcher must be installed, the cover closed and latched properly before operating.


1.Empty Grass Catcher bags often to avoid overfilling. Overfilling reduces performance and causes clogging of hose, blower and deck.

2.Turn blades off. Drive machine to location the clippings are to be dumped. DO NOT operate blades in reverse. If you must back machine to dump clippings in desired location, LOOK and SEE behind and down for children, pets and hazards before and while backing.

3.Stop motion of machine by returning Motion Control(s) to Neutral (N). Set Park Brake. Stop engine.

4.Unlatch cover and lift. Remove bags and dump debris in desired location.

5.After dumping, to maintain peak performance, check the catcher screen located on the inside of the Cover Assembly to make sure it is clean and free of any build up. Clean as required with brush or broom.

6.Close catcher cover and latch.

7.Re-start engine and drive machine to cutting area. Set engine speed to highest setting, engage blades and resume operation.


DO NOT attempt to remove any clogs from deck, blow- er, or hose with engine or blade running. STOP engine. STOP blades. Set brake. Remove key. Make sure blades and all rotating components have come to a complete stop before removing any catcher or unclog- ging any catcher component.


The grass catcher may become plugged if the conditions are too severe, the catcher is overfilled, or the machine is used improperly. If plugging does occur, attempt the follow- ing:

1.Engine speed too slow - set engine speed control to "FAST" position.

2.Empty catcher bags more often.

3.Clean screen on cover assembly.

4.Ground speed too fast - cut at slower speed.

5.Removing too much grass - raise cutting height, cut partial width, and cut lawn more frequently.

6.Grass is too wet from rain or dew - allow grass to dry.

7.Blades are dull or worn - inspect blades and replace as

necessary. Use only genuine SNAPPER replacement blades.

8.Deck, blower, or hose has clipping build up - clean all clippings from all internal surfaces.


DO NOT put fingers or hands inside blower! STOP blades. STOP engine. Remove key. Use only a stick, or

other suitable means, to clear the blower of clogs or other obstructions!


DO NOT attempt any adjustments, maintenance or repairs with engine running. STOP blades. STOP engine. Remove key.


Grass Catcher components are subject to deteriora- I

tion. Inspect frequently.


worn or damaged I

components immediately.

Use only genuine SNAPPER I

replacement parts.




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Snapper P/N 7078273, 0-50576 manual k,WARNING, Introduction