Snapper P/N 7078273, 0-50576 manual Children, Emissions, Maintenance And Storage

Models: 0-50576 P/N 7078273

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Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence of children. Children are often attracted to the unit and its activity. Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them.

-- Keep children out of the mowing area and under the

watchful care of another responsible adult. -- Do not allow children or others to ride on the machine, attachment, or towed equipment (even with the blades off).

--Be alert and turn unit off if children enter the area.

--Before and during reverse operation, look behind and down for small children.

--Never allow children to operate the unit.

--Use extra care when approaching blind corners, shrubs,

trees, or other objects that may obscure vision.


--Engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known, in certain quantities, to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

--Look for the relevant Emissions Durability Period and Air Index information on the engine emissions label.


--Always observe safe refueling and fuel handling practices when refueling the unit after transportation or storage.

--Always follow the engine manual instructions for storage preparations before storing the unit for both short and long term periods.

--Always follow the engine manual instructions for proper start-up procedures when returning the unit to service.

--Never store the machine or fuel container inside where there is an open flame, such as in a water heater. Allow unit

to cool before storing.

--Shut off fuel while storing or transporting. Do not store fuel near flames or drain indoors.

--Keep all hardware tight and keep all parts in good work- ing condition. Replace all worn or damaged decals.

--Never tamper with safety devices. Check their proper operation regularly.

--Clean leaves and debris from mufflers and engine to pre- vent fires. Clean up oil or fuel spillage.

--Stop and inspect the equipment if you strike an object. Repair, if necessary, before restarting.

--Never make adjustments or repairs with the engine run- ning unless specified otherwise.

--Park machine on level ground. Never allow untrained per- sonnel to service machine.

--Carefully release pressure from components with stored energy. (e.g. springs)

--Only replace impellers. Never straighten or weld them.

--Keep hands and feet away from moving parts.

--Frequently check components and replace with manufac- turer's recommended parts, when necessary.

--Use only factory authorized replacement parts when mak- ing repairs.

--Always comply with factory specifications on all settings and adjustments.

--Only authorized service locations should be utilized for major service and repair requirements.

--Never attempt to make major repairs on this unit unless you have been properly trained. Improper service proce- dures can result in hazardous operation, equipment dam- age and voiding of manufacturer's warranty.

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Snapper P/N 7078273, 0-50576 manual Children, Emissions, Maintenance And Storage