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Satellite 1400/1405 Series

General Specifications

1400-S151 1400-S152
PS140U-027XF7 PS140U-027XF3
1405-S151 1405-S152
PS140U-027XFX PS140U-027XFJ
Processor: Intel Celeron 1.20GHz; Integrated co-processor; 256KB Level 2 cache integrated on die; 133MHz front side bus clock
Memory: 256MB SDRAM, expandable to 1024MB; Expansion memory: SODIMM expansion memory
128/256/512Mbit PC133 SDRAM, 3.3V
Data/Address Bus Width: 64-bit/32-bit; BIOS ROM: 4Mbit, CMOS Flash EPROM, Ali M1535 Chipset
Drive(s): HDD: 30.0GB supports PIO Mode 4
FDD: 3.5" 1.44MB
Graphics/Video: 14.1" TFT active -matrix display; internal display supports up to 16M colors at 1024 x 768; Trident CyberALADDIN-T
graphics controller; 16MB external UMA video memory; 3D graphics accelerator, AGP bus support; 2D graphics
accelerator, BitBLT hardware, hardware cursor, Direct Draw support
Audio: AK4543 Codec Chip; Ali M1535 Sound Chip, 16-bit stereo; Built-in stereo speakers; Direct 3D sound; DirectSound
(supported by driver) and DirectMusic; Full duplex and MIDI (play back) support; Sound Volume Control Dial;
headphone and microphone ports
Communication: Integrated V.90/56K modem, Data and fax support; Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Expansion: 2 expansion memory slots; 2PC card slots support 2 Type II or 1 Type III PC cards; 32-bit CardBus ready
Ports: RGB (monitor); ECP Parallel printer; 3 USB; RJ-45 LAN; RJ-11 modem; Infrared; TV-Out (NTSC/PAL output; RCA
Keyboard: 85 keys with 12 function keys, TouchPad pointing device
Battery: 9 cell, rechargeable, removable Li-Ion, approximately 3H battery life
Weight: 7.4 lbs
Dimensions: (L)12.8" x (W)11.2" x (H)1.7"
Software: MS Windows XP Pro pre-installed (1400-S151/1405-S152); MS Windows XP Home pre-installed (1405-S151/1400-
S152); MS Internet Explorer, Online documentation, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Intuit Quicken Basic 2001, Norton
Antivirus 2002, AOL (3-month offer), Toshiba custom utilities, Toshiba great software offer; Lotus SmartSuite
Millennium Edition (1405 Series only)
Security: Slot for computer lock; Main battery pack (sliding lock); HDD and memory (by screw only), Built-in Modem/LAN
(screw only), User Power-On password, Setup Security, HDD password, Keyboard lock (by hotkey), Screen Blank (by
hotkey), Screen Saver (by software)
Warranty: 1 year parts, labor, and battery