Sears Kenmore/Whirlpool Front Load Washer
Error Codes: 02F dLF
Model: 110.44832 200 (110. = Whirlpool) S/N: CSP 1903874 Type: 199-AKP 705/WT
Whirlpool Duet Front Loading Automatic Washer Fault Codes
Code Fault Code Description Solution
FH No water detected entering
machine or Pressure switch trip
not detected.
If after 30 seconds the control does not detect water
entering machine and then valves will be turned off and
the error code will be displayed.
If the control has turned the water valves on and after 8
minutes the flow meter has detected 10.5 gallons of
water passing through it, but has not detected the
pressure switch trip, the valves will be turned off and the
error code will flash.
Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to clear the display.
Potential Causes
• If there is no water in the unit:
- Make sure that both valves at the water source(s) are
turned on all the way.
- Check for plugged or kinked inlet hoses or plugged
screens in the inlet valves
- Verify inlet valve operation
• If there is water in the unit:
- Verify Drain pump operation
- Pressure Switch Hose is in good condition and
properly connected to Tub and Pressure switch
• Verify there is not a siphon problem
• Verify wire harness connections to; Inlet Valves,
Pressure Switch, Drain Pump, Flow Meter, and Central
Control Unit (CCU)
• Check all hoses for possible leaks
• Verify pressure switch operation
• Verify flow meter operation
• Verify CCU operation
Replace failed component.
F02 Long Drain If the drain time exceeds 8 minutes, the water valves are
turned off and F02 is flashed.
Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to clear the display.
NOTE: After 4 minutes the “Sud” error will be displayed,