Xerox 7300 Troubleshooting, Driver help, Paper jams, Print-quality problems, Button, PhaserSMART

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Printable pages￿ Button￿

You can press the Information button at any time to get additional information about the message displayed ￿ on the front panel.

Printable pages￿

To print a Menu Map, navigate the front panel and its menu items:

1.Select Menus and press OK.

2.Select Print Menu Map and press OK.

Driver help

If you are using Windows 95/98, Windows 2000/XP, or Windows NT, install the driver from your printer's software CD-ROM and access the printer driver to:

Link to relevant web sites from the Troubleshooting tab.

View information about the printer features on the driver tabs by clicking the Help button on the tab.

View troubleshooting information by clicking a Help button, then selecting the Troubleshooting Guide.


Paper jams


After you launch PhaserSMART, select the Troubleshooting Guide to help identify your printer's problem. If your ￿ printer detects a jam error, PhaserSMART will point you to a specific solution. Otherwise, select Media Jams for ￿ PhaserSMART to lead you to the best solution.

Interactive Documentation CD-ROM ￿

For paper jams and error messages, see the Troubleshooting section.

Driver help￿

In the Troubleshooting Guide, refer to Error Messages for Paper Jams.

Print-quality problems

Ensure the paper type selected in the front panel matches the paper loaded in the trays and the Multi-Purpose Tray (MPT). Tray settings can be found by selecting Printer Setup Menu and then Tray Setup Menu.

The following table provides a list of printable pages that are accessible from the Support Menu and ￿ Improve Print Quality?:


Printable page



For additional paper tips:

Print Paper Tips Page



To troubleshoot print-quality symptoms:

Print Diagnostic Pages



To correct colors:

Print-Quality Tips Page



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Xerox 7300 manual Troubleshooting, Driver help, Paper jams, Print-quality problems, Button, Printable pages, PhaserSMART