What is MP3 and VCD?
MP3 is a compression form (like zip). The name MP3 stand for Mpeg1 Audio layer 3 and its
compression algorithm is based on a complicated psycho-acoustic model. This model is based on the
fact that the human ear can not hear all the audio frequencies. The human hearing range is between
20Hz to 20khz and it is most sensitive between 2 to 4 kHz. As a result the MP3 compression form is
destructive, that means the compression algorithm causes the file to lose some information so that it
can not be restored to its original content.
When compressing an audio file (encoding) using the MP3 algorithm you can set the desired
encoding level and have any compression level you want. The larger the compressed file the better
the audio quality of the result. The majority of the files available on the internet are encoded in 128
kbits stereo 44kHz which results in a high quality file that is 12 times smaller than the original! This,
of course, has many interesting consequences.
Size and shape of any regular music CD with the same digital audio, plus good video capability. It is
a new video format that offers exceptional high-end digital picture quality and smoothness, over an
hour of playing time, full CD-quality, stereo sound, and more. Using MPEG (Motion Picture Expert
Group) compression (1:30), VCD’s offer picture quality that is far superior to the Quicktime movies you
see on standard VHS tape.
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