Protecting Images

You can protect important images so that they cannot be accidentally erased with the camera (pp. 28, 138).

Protect the image.

zAfter pressing the m button, press the

opbuttons to choose :, then press the m button again.

X[Protected] will appear on the screen.

zTo unlock an image, follow the step above to choose : again, then press the m button.

If you format the memory card (pp. 22, 167), protected images will also be erased.

Protected images cannot be erased with the camera’s erase function. To erase an image, cancel protection settings first.

Using the Menu

Choose [Protect].

zPress the n button to choose [Protect] from the 1 tab, then press the m button.

Choose a selection method.

zPress the op buttons to choose a selection method, then press the m button.

zPress the n button to complete the setting and restore the menu screen.