Setting the Date and Time

The Date/Time settings screen will appear the first time the camera is turned on. Since the dates and times recorded into your images are based on these settings, be sure to set them.

Turn on the camera.

zPress the power button.

XThe Date/Time screen will appear.

Set the date and time.

zPress the qrbuttons to choose an option.

zPress the op buttons to set a value.

Complete the setting.

z Press the m button.

XOnce the date and time have been set, the Date/Time screen will close.

zPressing the power button will turn off the camera.

Reappearing Date/Time screen

Set the correct date and time. If you have not set the date and time, the Date/Time screen will appear each time you turn on the camera.

Daylight saving time settings

If you choose in Step 2 and press the opbuttons to choose , you will set the time to daylight saving (1 hour ahead).