Erasing All Images

You can choose images and then erase them in groups. Since erased images cannot be recovered, exercise adequate caution before erasing. Protected images (p. 134) cannot be erased.

Choose a Selection Method

Choose [Erase].

zPress the nbutton to choose [Erase] from the 1 tab, then press the mbutton.

Choose a selection method.

zPress the op buttons to choose a selection method, then press the m button.

zress the n button to restore the menu screen.

Choosing Images Individually

Choose [Select].

zFollow Step 2 above to choose [Select], then press the m button.

Choose an image.

zIf you follow Step 2 on p. 135 to choose images, a will appear on the screen.

zPress the m button again to deselect the image. will disappear.

zTo choose additional images, repeat the above procedure.