Changing the Tone of an Image (My Colors)

You can change the tone of an image, for example to sepia or black and white, when shooting.

Choose My Colors.

zAfter pressing the m button, press the

opbuttons to choose , then press the m button again.

Choose an option.

zPress the op buttons to choose an option, then press the m button.

XThe setting will appear on the screen.

My Colors Off


Emphasizes the contrast and color saturation for a vivid




Tones down the contrast and color saturation for neutral




Changes the image to sepia tones.




Changes the image to black and white.




ombines the effects of Vivid Red, Vivid Green and Vivid

Positive Film

Blue to produce intense natural appearing colors like those


obtained with positive film.

Lighter Skin Tone

Makes skin tones lighter.


Darker Skin Tone

Makes skin tones darker.






Vivid Blue


Emphasizes blue tints. Makes the sky, ocean and other


blue subjects more vivid.






Vivid Green

Emphasizes green tints. Makes mountains, foliage and

other green subjects more vivid.






Vivid Red


Emphasizes red tints. Makes red subjects more vivid.





Custom Color

You can adjust contrast, sharpness, and color saturation

etc. to your preference (p. 93).












The white balance cannot be set in


(p. 86).



, colors other than people’s skin color may change. You


may not obtain the expected results with some skin colors.