Transferring Images to a Computer for Viewing

Transfer and View Images

z Click [Import Images from Camera], and then click [Import Untransferred Images].

XAll images not previously transferred will transfer to the computer. Transferred

images will be sorted by date and saved in separate folders in the Pictures folder.

zClose CameraWindow when image transfer is complete.

zTurn off the camera and unplug the cable.

zFor details on how to view images using a computer, refer to the Software Guide.

You can transfer images even without using the image transfer function in the included software by simply connecting your camera to a computer. There are, however, the following limitations.

It may take a few minutes from when you connect the camera to the computer until you can transfer images.

Images shot in the vertical orientation may be transferred in the horizontal orientation.

Protection settings for images may be lost when transferred to a computer.

There may be problems transferring images or image information correctly depending on the version of the operating system in use, the file size, or the software in use.

Some functions in the included software may not be available, such as editing movies, and transferring images to the camera.