Using the Self-Timer

zTo cancel shooting with the self-timer after the countdown has started, press the n button.

zTo restore the original setting, choose in Step 1, on p. 58.

You can change the delay and number of shots (p. 59).

Using the Self-Timer to Prevent Camera Shake

The camera will shoot approximately 2 seconds after the shutter button is pressed, preventing any camera shake that occurs when pressing the shutter button.

Choose Î.

zFollow Step 1 on p. 58 to choose Î.

XOnce set, Î will appear on the screen.

zFollow Step 2 on p. 58 to shoot.

Customizing the Self-Timer

You can set the delay (0 – 30 seconds) and the number of shots (1 – 10 shots).

Choose $.

zAfter pressing the m button, press the

opbuttons to choose , then press the m button again.

zPress the opbuttons to choose $, then press the n button.