Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual Page 9

ALWAYS install the doll carrier in a REAR FACING POSITION.

ALWAYS secure the carrier with the restraint strap.

Figure 18
Using the stroller as a Doll Car Seat Carrier
• To use the stroller to carry a doll car
seat carrier, you must replace the
Front Tray with the Car Seat Carrier
• Remove the Front Tray by pressing
in on the buttons under the female
tting and pulling the tray off the
• Line up the Car Seat Carrier Support
to the metal tubing on the front of
the stroller and push inward until the
support snaps into place. See Figure
16. Pull outward on the support
sides to be sure both are snapped
securely in place.
• Adjust the backrest to its reclined
• If necessary, remove the infant carrier
from the car seat base.
• Place the infant carrier onto the top
of the stroller in a REAR FACING
POSITION, locating the head end
of the carrier so that it rests on the
car seat support and the feet end of
the carrier so that it rests against the
seatback. See Figure 17.
• Insure that the infant carrier is
pushed down into this position rmly
and that it is centered side to side.
• Remove the carrier restraining strap
from the pouches on the sides of
the front seat. Buckle it in place
over the LOWEST part of the carrier
sides. Adjust the strap so that it is
tight around the carrier. Pull up on
the carrier to be sure it is held on
securely. See Figure 18.
Figure 17
Figure 16