Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual Page 5
Attaching/Detaching the Front Tray
• To attach the front tray, line up the tray with the tubing on the front of the stroller
and push inward until the tray snaps into place. See Figure 8. Pull outward on
the tray sides to be sure both are snapped securely in place.
• To remove the front tray, press the button on the bottom of each of the tray
ttings while pulling outward on the tray. See Figure 9.
Figure 8 Figure 9
Installing and Operating the Canopy
• To attach the canopy, orient the
canopy on the stroller with the wide
front edge toward the front of the
• Line up the ttings on the canopy
with the ttings near the center of
the stroller and slide the canopy on
until it snaps into place. See Figure 7.
• The canopy will open, close and
ratchet forward or backward
• To remove the canopy, slide the
canopy off the ttings.
Figure 7