Page 2 Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual
• This product is a TOY stroller for dolls or stuffed toys ONLY.
• NEVER use this toy to carry a baby or child for any purpose whatsoever. Death
or Serious Injury may occur.
• Maximum weight allowed = 5 pounds in EACH seat.
• DO NOT stand on platform. Riding is for dolls or stuffed toys ONLY.
• This product contains small parts. Adult assembly is required.
• The maximum weight that can be carried in the storage basket is 5 pounds
• Discard all packaging materials properly. Do not allow children to play with
Discontinue use of the stroller should it malfunction or become damaged.
Please contact our customer service department to arrange for repair or obtain
replacement parts.
Do not use this toy on stairways or escalators.
Hanging bags or other toys from the handlebars or any other parts of this toy
may change its balance and cause a hazardous unstable condition.
• When installing a toy infant carrier onto the stroller, ALWAYS use the restraining
strap to secure the carrier in place.


Please do not return this product to the store
If you experience any difculty with the assembly or use of this product, or if you have a
question regarding these instructions, please contact our Customer Service Department
at (877) 456-5049 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Time.
Please note: Styles and colors may vary.
Although this is a TOY and must NEVER be used for a baby or child, other
warnings are provided throughout this manual to promote your child’s safe
use of this product for their doll or stuffed toy. For your child’s understanding
of the safe use of this product, please read and adhere to these warnings
and insure that your child also understands and follows them.