Page 8 Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual
Figure 15
Storage Basket
The maximum weight that can be carried in the storage basket is 5 pounds.
Note: There are hook and loop attachments on the underside of the basket to
stow the car seat carrier support when it is not in use. To stow the car seat carrier
support, simply secure it to the basket as shown in Figure 15.
Using the Bench Seat
• Push the bench seat to its most rearward position.
• Position the doll on the bench seat facing backward with their feet on the
• Unlatch the seat belt buckle by pressing down the button in the center of the
buckle and removing the male sides of the buckle.
• Place the seat belt completely around the doll’s waist, place the crotch strap
between the doll’s legs and snap the buckle together. See Figure 14.
• Adjust the seat belt to be snug around the doll’s waist by using the adjustment
strap near the buckle.
Figure 14
• This product is a TOY stroller for dolls or stuffed toys ONLY.
• NEVER use this toy to carry a baby or child for any purpose whatsoever.
Death or Serious Injury may occur.
• Maximum weight allowed = 5 pounds in EACH seat.