Page 6 Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual
Figure 11
Figure 10
Securing the Front (Seated) Doll
• Unlatch the harness buckle by
pressing down on button in the
center of the buckle and removing
the male sides.
• Place the doll in the stroller seat
with the shoulder straps over
their shoulders and chest and the
crotch strap between the doll’s
• Bring the seat belt around the
doll’s waist and snap the buckle
together. See Figure 11. Tighten
the seat belt to be snug around
the doll’s waist.
• Both the shoulder straps and
the waist/crotch straps may be
adjusted using the sliding buckles
on these straps.
Adjusting the Footrest
The footrest can be adjusted to two
positions – horizontal or all the way
• To place the footrest into the
horizontal position, pull up on the
footrest and the metal bar until the
footrest catches into position. See
Figure 10.
• To place the footrest all the way to its
down position, pull up on the footrest
to release the bar from the slot, and
then slowly lower the footrest.
• This product is a TOY stroller for dolls or stuffed toys ONLY.
• NEVER use this toy to carry a baby or child for any purpose whatsoever.
Death or Serious Injury may occur.
• Maximum weight allowed = 5 pounds in EACH seat.