Page 4 Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual
Figure 6
Installing the Rear Wheels
• Turn your stroller upside down so
that it is resting on the seatback.
• Locate the rear axle and slide it
through the holes into the frame near
the platform.
• Locate a metal washer and slide the
washer onto one end of the axle.
See Figure 3.
• Locate a rear wheel and slide the
wheel onto the axle.
and right side wheels are slightly
different. The correct wheel will have
the arrow shapes on the tire tread
pointed towards the REAR of the
stroller. Be CERTAIN that the wheels
are placed on the correct side of the
axle, because this is intended to be
a one-time assembly.
• Locate an axle lock. While holding
the axle from the opposite side,
orient the axle lock with the larger
side closest to the wheel and snap it
onto the axle. See Figure 4.
• Fit a rear axle cap over the
attachment. You will hear this piece
snap into place. See Figure 5.
• While holding the wheel, line up the
four prongs on the hubcap with the
holes in the spoke of the wheel and
snap into place. See Figure 6. Be
CERTAIN that all four prongs snap
into place. Pull on the hubcap to be
sure it is installed securely.
• Repeat these steps on the other
• Ensure that each wheel assembly
is secure before using this toy. Pull
on the wheels to be sure they are
installed correctly.
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5