Using the Dell Wireless USBManager 27
Change wireless USB channels Run diagnostics
1Diagnostics section allows you to run device diagnostics.
Click Check UWB Card Communication button to check if your notebook
isworking properly.
Click Check for remote UWB devices button to check for other Wireless
Click Check for Radio Status button to see what channel is running
atthe moment.
2Host Settings section displays the Host Name and Host Address
(MediaAccess Control address), and allows you to change channels.
For optimized performance, it is recommended to set the channel to Auto.
3 Move your mouse cursor on this area to change channel, select audio output,
turn radio on/off and run diagnostics.
4Radio Status allows you to enable or disable the Wireless USB radio.
5Audio Select allows you to send audio output to your notebook or to external
speakers connected to your Dell Wireless Dock.
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