About Your Dell Wireless Dock 5
About Your Dell Wireless Dock
The Dell™ Wireless Dock enables you to connect USB peripherals such as
external storages, printers, keyboards, mice, etc. to your notebook through
thew ireless USB technology. You can also extend your notebook’s audio and
video support by connecting an external display and speakers.
NOTE: The Dell Wireless Dock supports a screen resolution of
upto 1680x1050 (wide screen) or 1600x1200 (standard screen) through
aDVI-I connector. If you need to connect a VGA display, you must
usea DVI to VGA adapter.
Wireless USB technology performs best within a one-meter range;
generally within a single room environment. The technology is different
from Wi-Fi® technology and is not discoverable by any Wi-Fi device.
You can associate up to sixteen different notebooks with the Dell Wireless Dock.
However, you can connect the Dell Wireless Dock to only one of the
associated hosts at a given time.
NOTE: When the seventeenth host is associated, the first associated host
willno longer be associated with the Dell Wireless Dock.
NOTE: The Dell Wireless Dock provides integrity checking along with
AES-128/CCM encryption.
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