General Safety Information 37
General Safety Information
Use the following safety guidelines to help ensure your own personal safety,
and to help protect your equipment and working environment from
potential damage.
You can find additional Safety Best Practices information on the Regulatory
Compliance Homepage at
NOTE: In this document, the terms product, equipment, and device are used
interchangeably and refer to all portable devices (such as notebooks, port
replicators, media bases, docking stations, and similar devices), desktop
computers, printers, and monitors.
WARNING: Use of controls, adjustments, procedures, connections, or signal
types other than those specified in your documentation may result in exposure
toshock, electrical hazards, and/or mechanical hazards.
CAUTION: Dell products are not intended for use in patient healthcare
environments unless specially designated.
CAUTION: Dell products are not designed for use in flammable or
When setting up the equipment for use:
Place the equipment on a hard, level surface.
Do not stack the equipment, place it in an enclosed space, or otherwise
install it where it is subject to heated air. The equipment should have at
least 10.2 cm (4 in) of clearance on all vented sides to permit the airflow
required for proper ventilation. Restricting airflow can damage the
equipment or cause overheating. Page 37 Thursday, October 22, 2009 4:05 PM