Mailbox Indicator
There are indicator lights under each mailbox buttons (1
/ 
/ 3
), which inform
you of whether the messages for each individual mailbox are new or old.
Mailbox button/indicator is on -- there are stored messages.
Mailbox button/indicator is off -- no messages in that mailbox.
Mailbox button/indicator is ashing – there are new messages.
Leaving a Message
1. After the answerer answers the incoming call and plays the outgoing
announcement, the caller can enter the mailbox number (1,  or 3) while the
announcement is playing or within the  seconds after the end of announcement
and then leave a message in that specic mailbox.
. If there is no entry of mailbox number during that period, then your message will
be left in the default mailbox 1.
NOTE: The maximum recording time for each message is 3 minutes
and the total recording time of this unit is 20 minutes.
Screening Calls from the Base
1. When the answering system answers the call, listen while the caller leaves a
message (to determine who is calling).
. To speak to the caller, pick up the handset, and press the TALK/CALL BACK or
SPEAKER button.
The answering system automatically stops recording when you activate the handset
or pick up an extension phone.
TIP: Make sure the volume on the base is set loud enough to hear
your incoming calls.
Memory Full
When the answering system memory is full, the system answers after 10 rings. You
should erase some messages so the answering system may record new messages.