Answering System Display Messages
The following messages show the status of the answering system or help you set up
and use the system.
0-59 Indicates the total number of messages.
CL (blinking) The voice time/day stamp needs to be set.
- - Answering system is turned off.
An (blinking) The system is answering a call.
F (blinking) Answering system memory is full.
Six bars (blinking) The system is recording a memo.
A1 or A2 (blinking) The system is recording an announcement.
LA (Line Access) External line remote answering system.
Handset Sound Signals
Signal Meaning
A long warbling tone (with ringer on) Signals an incoming call
Three short beeps Page signal
One long beep Conrmation tone for the
completion of a function
One short beep (during room monitoring mode) Ring alert tone
One short beep (every 7 seconds) Low battery warning
Troubleshooting Guide

Telephone Solutions

No dial tone
• Check and repeat installation steps:
Ensure the base power cord is connected to a working electrical outlet .
Ensure the telephone line cord is connected to the base and the wall jack.
• Connect another phone to the same jack; if there is still no dial tone, the problem
might be your wiring or local service.
• The handset may be out of range of the base. Move closer to the base.