If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair or warranty information, please contact customer
service at 1-800-448-0329. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone
company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is resolved.
This product may be serviced only by the manufacturer or its authorized service agents. Changes or
modications not expressly approved by Thomson Inc. could void the user’s authority to operate this
product. For instructions on how to obtain service, refer to the warranty included in this guide or call
customer service at 1-800-448-0329.
Or refer inquiries to:
Thomson Inc.
Manager, Consumer Relations
PO Box 1976
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1976
Attach your sales receipt to the booklet for future reference or jot down the date this product was
purchased or received as a gift. This information will be valuable if service should be required during the
warranty period.
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Accessory Information

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1-800-338-0376. A shipping and handling fee will be charged upon ordering. We are required

by law to collect appropriate sales tax for each individual state, country, and locality to which

the merchandise is being sent. Items are subject to availability.

AC power adapter 5-2605 (black)
Belt Clip 5-2703
Headset 5-2425 (black)
Replacement Handset Battery 5-2660