. Press the 6 or 5 button to select ANSWERER and press SELECT button to enter
the menu.
3. Press the 6 or 5 button again to select REMOTE ACCESS and press SELECT
button to conrm.
4. Press the key  (play/stop) followed by the mailbox number on the handset (e.g.
Press key  and then key 3 to play messages in mailbox 3.)
5. Press the key 0 (erase) on the handset to erase a message during playback.
NOTE: Erased messages cannot be restored.

Leaving a Memo

This feature lets you record a memo up to 3 minutes long to store as an incoming
1. Press the MEMO button and it will announce “TO RECORD, PRESS AND HOLD
. Press and hold the mailbox button (1
or 
or 3
). You must hold the button
until you nish recording the memo.
3. Begin speaking after it announces “RECORD MESSAGE”.
4. Release the mailbox button when nished.
Answering System Remote Access
You may access the answering system with the cordless handset or from any tone-
dial compatible telephone.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The following procedures can ONLY be done with
Model 28041 and Optional Model 28011 handsets.

Remote Access from Cordless Handset

Use the corresponding handset keys just like you would use the base buttons (see
“Answering System Setup”).The button functions are located on the handset above
each number key. For example, to play messages:
1. Press the MENU button and use 6 or 5 button to scroll to ANSWERER.
. Press the SELECT button and use 6 or 5 button to select REMOTE ACCESS.