Select mailbox 1 or  or 3
Stop message playback
Erase message 0 (during message playback)
Skip message 3
Turn off/on answerer 4
Review voice menu options 7

Memory Full

When answering system memory is full, the system answers after 10 rings, beeps and
waits for you to enter the 3-digit security code. If you don’t enter the security code
within 8 seconds, the phone hangs up.
You should erase some messages so the answering system can record new
NOTE: The unit also answers after the 10th ring if it is turned off. To
access the answering system, enter your 3-digit security code after
you hear the beep.
Telephone Operation

CHARGE/IN USE Indicator on the Base

The CHARGE/IN USE indicator is lit when the phone is in use or a handset is charging
in the base charge cradle. It ashes when you receive a call.

Visual Ring Indicator on the Handset

The Visual Ring indicator is lit when the handset is in use. It ashes when you receive
a call.

Standby Screen

The handset displays the handset number (or handset name), time, battery charge
status and wallpaper when idle.