3. All registered handsets beep for two minutes and PAGING FROM BASE shows on
each handset’s display.
4. To cancel the page, press the PAGE button on the base, or press the
TALK/CALL BACK button or the *EXIT button on each handset.

Handset to Handset Paging

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following procedures can ONLY be done with
Model 28011 and 28041 handsets.
1. Make sure the originating phone is OFF (not in talk mode).
. Press the MENU button and use the 6 or 5 button to scroll to INTERCOM.
3. Press the SELECT button to enter the menu.
NOTE: You can press the INT button to shortcut to the menu.
4. A list of registered handsets shows on the display. Use the 6 or 5 button to scroll
to the desired handset you want to page. Or scroll to 5 GLOBAL PAGE to page all
5. Press the SELECT button.
6. The receiving handset is paged and emits a tone.
7. To cancel the page, press the *EXIT, INT or TALK/CALL BACK button on the
originating handset
Press the INT button on the receiving handset to enter intercom mode.
To have a private, off-line conversation, use the mute feature. The party on the other
end of the line cannot hear you, but you can still hear them.
When you are using the phone, press the SELECT button to activate the mute
function. To de-activate, press the SELECT button again.
Ringer Volume (Shortcut)
There are two ways to set the ringer volume. One is via the handset menu as
described in the section Telephone Setup/ Sound Setting/Ringer Volume, while the
other one is this shortcut.