Linux on zSeries
Linux and zSeries are a great team. Linux has the same
appearance and application programming interfaces no
matter what platform it is running on, since it is designed to
be platform-independent. When Linux is run on a zSeries
server it can inherit the legendary qualities of service that
businesses worldwide rely on for hosting their most impor-
tant workloads. Linux is open standards-based, supporting
rapid application portability and can be adapted to suit
changing business needs. The fl exibility and openness of
Linux make it very popular with developers, whose contri-
butions endow Linux with an extensive and diverse appli-
cation portfolio. zSeries servers enable massive scalability
within a single server, either horizontally or vertically. Hun-
dreds of Linux images can run simultaneously, providing
server consolidation capabilities while helping to reduce
both cost and complexity.
Of course, no matter which Linux applications are brought
to the zSeries platform, they can all benefi t from high-
speed access to the applications and corporate data that
reside on zSeries.
IBM developed the code that enables Linux to run on
zSeries servers, and made it available to the Open Source
community. The term used to describe this enabling code
is “patches.”
To eliminate the need for an external 2074 Console control-
ler and associated consoles, an administrator may utilize
the Hardware Management Console (HMC) functions "Inte-
grated 3270 Console Support" for operating z/VM images,
and "Integrated ASCII Console Support" to operate Linux
The support is implemented using an internal communi-
cations method —
SCLP — which enables the operat-
ing system to communicate with the HMC. The software
port was made available in z/VM Version 4 Release 4.
An update for Linux will be made available to IBM Linux
Distribution Partners.
Linux on zSeries supports the 64-bit architecture avail-
able on zSeries processors. This architecture eliminates
the existing main storage limitation of 2 GB. Linux on
zSeries provides full exploitation of the architecture in both
real and virtual modes. Linux on zSeries is based on the
Linux 2.4 kernel. Linux on S/390 is also able to execute on
zSeries and S/390 in 32-bit mode:
IBM Middleware
• Connectors
– DB2 Connect
Version 8.1
– DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition Version 7.2
– DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition Version 7.2
– CICS Transaction Gateway Version 5.0
– IMS Connect Version 1.1 and 1.2
• WebSphere Family
– WebSphere Application Server Version 5.0
– WebSphere Application Server for Developers
Version 5.0
– WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
Version 5.0
– WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition 4.0
– WebSphere Application Server Advanced Single
Server Edition Version 4.0
– WebSphere Application Server Advanced Developer
Edition Version 4.0
z990 Support for Linux