The infrastructure for e-business on demand environ-
ments can be deployed with visionary technology on z/VM,
including advanced virtualization, support for open source
software, and autonomic computing enhancements. With
virtualization technology as its foundation, z/VM continues
to provide new function and technology exploitation on the
mainframe that enables you to virtualize processor, commu-
nication, memory, storage, I/O, and networking resources,
with the potential to help reduce the need to plan for, pur-
chase, and install hardware to support new workloads.
z/VM supports Linux, one of the world’s leading open
Source operating systems, on the mainframe. Within
the VM environment, Linux images can share hardware
resources and use internal high-speed communications.
While benefi ting from the reliability, availability and service-
ability of zSeries servers, z/VM V4 offers an ideal platform
for consolidating select UNIX, Windows, and Linux work-
loads on a single physical zSeries server, which allows you
to run
tens to hundreds of Linux images. z/VM V4 is priced
on a per-engine basis and supports IBM Integrated Facility
for Linux (IFL) engines for Linux-based workloads, as well
as standard engines for all other zSeries and S/390 work-
z/VM V4 is the follow-on product for VM/ESA and z/VM V3.
It provides additional support and exploitation opportuni-
ties for the thousands of users who have built enterprise-
wide automation and infrastructure enhancements on the
VM platform in support of their applications, database
systems, and e-business solutions.
z/VM V5 offers new levels of price/performance, functional
capabilities, and hardware exploitation that increase the
attractiveness of deploying Linux solutions on the main-
frame. You can add capacity to existing zSeries systems
for hosting Linux on z/VM workloads by confi guring their
server with IFL engines. z/VM V5 is the follow-on product
to z/VM V4.
z/VM Version 3 (V3)
z/VM offers a new technology base for customers look-
ing to use IBM Virtual Machine technology on one of the
industry’s best-of-breed server platforms, zSeries. When
z/VM is running on a zSeries server, it’s possible to run 64-
bit capable OS/390 2.10, z/OS, and Linux on zSeries as
guest systems of z/VM, in addition to ESA/390 guest oper-
ating systems such as OS/390, VSE/ESA, TPF, and Linux
on S/390. To operate z/OS as a guest of z/VM on a zSeries
server, z/VM must be operating in 64-bit mode. z/VM will
allow customers to develop and test their 64-bit Parallel
Sysplex applications in a guest environment before putting
them into production. This may help reduce the need to
invest in separate standalone confi gurations.
z/VM can also reduce storage constraints by eliminat-
ing the 2 GB central storage limitation, providing plenty
of headroom for increasing e-business demands and
growing back-offi ce applications within a single machine
image. Customers experiencing real memory constraints
can experience relief by running z/VM in 64-bit mode
on a zSeries server. This constraint relief is provided for
ESA/390 guest operating systems. Support for large real
memory with z/VM may benefi t customers running a large
number of Linux on zSeries and S/390 guest systems.