Playing a DVD VR format Disc
This unit will play DVD-R/RW discs recorded using
the DVD-Video format that have been finalized using
a DVD-Recorder.
This unit will play DVD-RW discs recorded using
the Video Recording (VR) format.
1. Insert a disc and close the tray. The DVD-VR
menu appears on the TV screen.
2. Press v/Vto select a track then press PLAYor
ENTER and playback starts.
Unfinalized DVD-R/RW discs cannot be played in this
Some DVD-VR disc are made with CPRM data by DVD
RECORDER. Player does not support these kinds of discs
and display the “CHECK DISC”.
What is ‘CPRM’?
CPRM is a copy protection system (with scramble system)
only allowing the recording of ‘copy once’broadcast
programs. CPRM stands for Content Protection for
Recordable Media.
CPRM recordings can only be made on DVD-RW discs
formatted in VR mode, and CPRM recordings can only be
played on players that are specifically compatible with
Maintenance and Service
Refer to the information in this chapter before
contacting a service technician.

Handling the Unit

When shipping the unit
Please save the original shipping carton and packing
materials. If you need to ship the unit, for maximum
protection, re-pack the unit as it was originally packed
at the factory.
Keeping the exterior surfaces clean
Do not use volatile liquids such as insecticide
spray near the unit.
Do not leave rubber or plastic products in contact
with the unit for a long period of time. since they
leave marks on the surface.
Cleaning the unit
To clean the player, use a soft, dry cloth. If the
surfaces are extremely dirty, use a soft cloth lightly
moistened with a mild detergent solution.
Do not use strong solvents such as alcohol, benzine,
or thinner, as these might damage the surface of the
Maintaining the Unit
The DVD player is a high-tech, precision device. If the
optical pick-up lens and disc drive parts are dirty or
worn, the picture quality could be diminished.
Depending on the operating environment, regular
inspection and maintenance are recommended after
every 1,000 hours of use.
For details, please contact your nearest authorized
service center.