No power.
The power is on, but
the DVD player does
not work.
No picture.
No sound.
The DVD player does
not start playback.
The Remote Control
does not work properly.
Possible Cause
The power cord is disconnected.
No disc is inserted.
The TV is not set to receive DVD
signal output.
•The video cable is not connected
The HDMI mode is on.
•Unit output setting and TV resolution
capabilities mismatch.
The equipment connected with the
audio cable is not set to receive DVD
signal output.
The power of the equipment connected
with the audio cable is turned off.
The AUDIO options are set to the
wrong position.
The Digital Audio Output mismatch
with the amplifier.
An unplayable disc is inserted.
The rating level is set.
The Remote Control is not pointed at
the remote sensor on the DVD player.
The Remote Control is too far from the
DVD player.
Plug the power cord into the wall outlet
Insert a disc. (Check that the DVD or
audio CD indicator in the display
window is lit.)
Select the appropriate video input
mode on the TV.
Connect the video cable securely.
Set HMDI on the front panel to OFF.
•Check TV capability.
Check mode of connections
(eg. S-Video, Component etc.).
Check unit Resolution setting
according to TV capability and mode of
Select the correct input mode of the
audio receiver so you can listen to the
sound from the DVD player.
•Turn on the equipment connected with
the audio cable.
Set the Digital Audio Output to the
correct position, then turn on the DVD
player again by pressing POWER.
Select the proper audio setting in
AUDIO setup.
Insert a playable disc. (Check the disc
type, color system, and regional code.)
Cancel the rating function or change
the rating level.
Point the Remote Control at the
remote sensor of the DVD player.
Operate the Remote Control closer to
the DVD player.