Disc-related terms
DVD -R and DVD +R are two different standards for
recordable DVD drives and discs. This format allows
information to be recorded onto the DVD disc only
once. DVD +RW and DVD -RW are two standards for
re-writable media, meaning the DVD content can be
erased and re-recorded. Single-sided discs can hold
4.38 Gigabytes and double-sided discs hold twice as
much. There are no dual layer single sided recordable
VCD (Video CD)
AVCD holds up to 74 minutes (650 MB disc) or 80
minutes (700 MB disc) of MPEG-1 full-motion video
along with quality stereo sound.
MPEG is an international standard for video and audio
compression. MPEG-1 is used in encoding video for
VCD and provides for multichannel surround sound
coding such as PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG
MP3 is a popular compression format used for digital
audio files that yields very high near-CD quality.
Windows media audio file. Atype of coding / decoding
developed by Microsoft Corp.
Joint Pictures Expert Group. JPEG is a compressed
file format that allows you to save images with no limit
on the number of colors.
DivX is the name of a revolutionary new video codec
which is based on the new MPEG-4 compression
standard for video.You will be able to play DivX
movies using this DVD player.
PBC: Playback Control (Video CD only)
Playback control is available for Video CD (VCD)
version 2.0 disc formats. PBC allows you to interact
with the system via menus, search functions, or other
typical computer-like operations. Moreover, still
pictures of high resolution can be played if they are
included in the disc. Video CDs not equipped with
PBC (Version 1.1) operate in the same way as audio
Title (DVD video discs only)
Atitle is generally a distinct section of a DVD disc. For
example the main feature could be title 1, a
documentary describing how the film was made could
be title 2, and cast interviews could be title 3. Each
title is assigned a reference number enabling you to
locate it easily.
Chapter (DVD video discs only)
Achapter is a segment of a title such as a scene in a
film or one interview in a series. Each chapter is
assigned a chapter number, enabling you to locate the
chapter you want. Depending on the disc, chapters
may not be recorded.
Group (DVD audio discs only)
The main audio content or accompanying feature
content or additional feature content, or music
album.Each group is assigned a group reference
number enabling you to locate it easily.
Scene (VCD)
On a video CD with PBC (playback control) functions,
moving pictures and still pictures are divided into
sections called “scenes”. Each scene is displayed in
the menu screen and assigned a scene number,
enabling you to locate the scene you want. Ascene is
composed of one or several tracks.
Adistinct element of audiovisual information, such as
the picture or sound track for a specific language
(DVD), or a musical piece on a video or audio CD.
Each track is assigned a track number, enabling you
to locate the track you want. DVD discs allow one
track of video (with multiple angles) and several tracks
of audio.