Playing a DivX Movie Disc

Using this DVD Player you can play DivX disc.

1. Insert a disc and close the tray. The MOVIE

menu appears on the TV screen.

2. Press v/Vto select a folder, and press

ENTER. Alist of files in the folder appears. If

you are in a file list and want to return to the

Folder list, use the v/Vbuttons on the

remote to highlight and press ENTER.

3. If you want to view a particular file, press

v/Vto highlight a file and press ENTER or


4. Press STOP to exit.

Press DVD MENU to move to the next page.
On a CD with MP3/WMA, JPEG and MOVIE file, you can
switch MUSIC, PHOTO and MOVIE menu. Press TITLE
and MUSIC, PHOTO and MOVIE word on top of the menu
is highlighted.
When the bitrate of video signal on a DivX file stored
in a memory card is over 2Mbps, it can be displayed
like a still image.
Movie Folder 1
Movie Folder 2
Movie Folder 3
Movie Folder 4
Movie Folder 5
Movie Folder 6
Movie Folder 7
Movie Folder 8
DivX disc compatibility with this player is limited
as follows:
•Available resolution size of the DivX file is under
720x576 (W x H) pixel.
The file name of the DivX subtitle is limited to
If there is impossible code to express in the DivX
file, it may be displayed as " _ " mark on the
If the number of the screen frame is over 30
frames per second, this unit may not operate
If the video and audio structure of recorded
file is not interleaved, either video or audio is
If the file is recorded with GMC, the unit
supports only 1-point of the record level.
* GMC?
GMC is the acronym for Global Motion Compensation. It
is an encoding tool specified in MPEG4 standard. Some
MPEG4 encoders, like DivX or Xvid, have this option.
There are different levels of GMC encoding, usually
called 1-point, 2-point, or 3-point GMC.
Playable DivX file
zz ".avi ", ".mpg ", ".mpeg "
Playable Codec format
zz "DIVX3.xx ", "DIVX4.xx ", "DIVX5.xx ", "XVID ",
"MP43 ", "3IVX ".
Playable Audio format
zz "AC3 ", "DTS ", "PCM ", "MP3 ", "WMA".
• Sampling frequency: within 8 - 48 kHz (MP3),
within 32 - 48kHz (WMA)
• Bit rate: within 8 - 320kbps (MP3),
32 - 192kbps (WMA)