Maytag YMHWE251, YMHWE301, YMHWE201 Troubleshooting, If you experience, Possible Causes, Solution

Models: YMHWE201 YMHWE251

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First try the solutions suggested here to possibly avoid the cost of a service call.

If you experience

Possible Causes


Error Code Appears in Display

Once any possible issues are corrected, press START/PAUSE once to clear the code.

Then press START/PAUSE again to restart washer. If code appears again, call for service.

Sd (Excess suds)

Excessive suds in washer. Washer is

Allow the machine to continue. Use only HE detergent.

appears in display

running a suds reduction routine.

Always measure detergent, and base detergent quantity on



load size. Follow detergent manufacturer’s instructions. If the



dial is flashing, reselect your desired cycle using a cold wash



temperature, and press START/PAUSE. Do not add detergent.




F8E1 (long fill - no

Check for proper water supply.

Make sure hot and cold inlet hoses are not reversed.

water supply error)




Both hoses must be attached and have water flowing to the

appears in display



inlet valve.








Both hot and cold water faucets must be on.






Inlet valve screens on washer may be clogged.






Remove any kinks in the inlet hose.






Press START/PAUSE once to clear the code. Then press



START/PAUSE again to restart washer. If code appears again,



call for service.




F9E1 (drain pump

Check plumbing for correct

Check drain hose for proper installation.

system error) appears

drain hose installation. Drain hose


Make sure the drain hose is not kinked, pinched, or blocked.

in display

extends into standpipe farther than


4.5" (114 mm).

Remove any clogs from drain hose.







Use drain hose form and securely attach to drainpipe or tub.






Lower drain hose if the end is higher than 96" (2.4 m) above



the floor.




F--E-- code (Washer

System error code.

Press POWER/CANCEL to cancel cycle and clear the code.



Then press POWER/CANCEL and select Rinse/Drain & Spin



if there is excessive water in the washer. If the code appears



again, call for service.




Vibration or Off-Balance





Vibration, rocking, or “walking”

Feet may not be in contact with the

Front and rear feet must be in firm contact with floor, and washer

floor and locked.

must be level to operate properly. Jam nuts must be tight


against the bottom of the cabinet.




Washer may not be level.

Check floor for flexing or sagging. If flooring is uneven, a 3/4"


(19 mm) piece of plywood under your washer will reduce sound.





See “Level Washer” in Installation Instructions.



Load could be unbalanced

Avoid tightly packing the load. Avoid washing single items.

or too large.

Balance a single item such as a rug or jacket with a


few extra items.





Use Heavy Duty cycle for oversized, non-absorbent items such


as comforters or poly-filled jackets. Other items are not


appropriate for Heavy Duty cycle. See “Cycle Guide”.




Item or load not suitable for selected cycle. See “Cycle Guide”


and “Using Your Washer” in this Use and Care Guide.

The shipping bolts are still in the

See “Remove Transport System,” in Installation Instructions.

back of the washer.




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Maytag YMHWE251, YMHWE301 Troubleshooting, If you experience, Possible Causes, Solution, Error Code Appears in Display