Motorola DCT6208 Managing Your Recordings Optional Feature, Controlling Live TV Optional Feature

Models: DCT6208

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Managing Your Recordings (Optional Feature)



Q. Can I increase the Rewind and Fast Forward speed?

A. Yes. Your DVR will control rewind and fast forward at four speeds. Just press the REW or FF buttons up to four times. The on-screen indicator will tell you at what speed you are controlling playback.

Q. Can I set the DVR to skip commercials as it is recording?

A. No. You can only fast forward through commercials if you’re watching a previously recorded program.

Q. Can I “bookmark” a program I have recorded?

A. Yes! When you stop playback of a recorded program, it will stop where you left off. To continue watching the program, select Resume or Restart from the Action Icons.

Q. On occasion, a recording starts a minute or two after the program has begun. Why?

A. The DVR timer is synchronized with the program guide time. If a broadcaster starts the program a minute earlier than the program guide’s scheduled time, the DVR will miss that first minute. You can program your DVR to start early or end late by adjusting your Recording Options.

Q. Only part of my program recorded. Why?

A.If the beginning of the program did not record, you may set it to record after the program began. If the end of the program did not record, the DVR may have reached its storage capacity before it was able to record the entire program.

Q.Do Parental Locks work with DVR?

A.Yes. Parental Locks restrict viewing of recorded programs. If you schedule a recording for a program you have Locked, the program will be recorded, however audio is muted and no video will appear while the program is recording. A restricted notice remains on screen allowing you to enter your PIN to view the program during the

recording. Once the program has been recorded, you can access it from My Recordings. Just enter your PIN to view. Note:You can also set Parental Locks on recorded programs. Use the LOCK button on your remote orControlling Live TV (Optional Feature) Icon after you have selected the program from My Recordings or you can select the Lock Icon from an Information Screen.

Managing Your Recordings (Optional Feature)

Q. How many hours of programming can I store on my DVR?

A. Recording capacity depends on the video format that is being recorded. Your DVR can record up to 25 hours of analog, between 30 and 60 hours of digital programming, or up to 12 hours of High Definition programming. See the “Managing Your Personal Video Library” section in this manual for more information.

Q. How long can I keep My Recordings?

A. You can keep them as long as you want. Just remember, the recording space is limited, so you may need to delete some recorded programs from time to time in order to make room for new ones.

Q. How will I know when I’m almost out of recording space?

A. An on-screen message will appear advising you when recording space is low (80% full) or full. You can also manually delete recordings and manage recording space from the recorded program’s Information Screen.

If you are recording a program and run out of recording space, the recording will stop. You can always see how much recording space is available from My Recordings. You can also manually delete recordings and set your DVR to automatically delete recorded programs when space is needed. See:“Managing Your Personal Video Library”.

Q. Does the DVR automatically delete programs when the record space is full?

A. Only if you set it up that way. The DVR will automatically delete programs if you tell it to do so by setting the programs to be deleted when space is needed. When the record space is full, the oldest recordings that you have set to be deleted, will be deleted first. If you do not want the DVR to automatically delete certain recordings, you can set them so that they are only deleted by you.

Controlling Live TV (Optional Feature)

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Motorola DCT6208 manual Managing Your Recordings Optional Feature, Controlling Live TV Optional Feature