Panasonic 8900 SH Series 8900SH Control Panel, Operation And Installation Manual, Section

Models: 8900 SH

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Series 8900SH Control Panel

Operation And Installation Manual


Entry Codes: The set of two digit numbers that allow the operator to interact with the control panel.

Error Code: A code shown on the display that indicates a problem exists either in the sensors or in the computer itself.

Fine Tuning: Utilizing certain codes concerned with the boiler run time and the boiler staging to carefully "size" the output to the building to obtain the highest efficiency possible.

High Limit: A control mounted near the top of the boiler that shuts down the main flame of the burner if the boiler temperature exceeds the high limit setting.

Manual Override: When Code 63 is used to manually override the control panel.

Potentiometer: An electronic device used to adjust the sensor temperatures.

Program: A set of commands that tells the computer which calculations to carry out.

Ratio Control: The control that allows the operator to vary the Return Water Line temperature in relation to the drop in outside temperature.

Relay: An electromechanical device that opens or closes a current path on demand.

Sensor: A device used with the control panel to measure relative heat and cold.

Outside Temperature Shutdown: The pre-selected temperature that, when reached, shuts the boiler system off.

Stage: The position of a boiler in the firing sequence.

Supply Water Line: The supply water line is the line that provides heated water from the boilers to the building.

Section 1

Introduction And Specifications

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Panasonic 8900 SH Series 8900SH Control Panel, Operation And Installation Manual, Section, Introduction And Specifications