Panasonic 8900 SH Series 8900SH Control Panel, Operation And Installation Manual, Section

Models: 8900 SH

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20This code starts the sequence for the 20 codes.

Series 8900SH Control Panel

Operation And Installation Manual

69This code displays the month and year. Press 69, then enter Month, 1 to 12, and the year, 01, 02, 03, etc. Then press #.

20This code starts the sequence for the 20 codes.

21This code stores the outside air temperature at which the heating system cycles off and on. While the system can be set anywhere between 0° F and 120° F, TRIAD recommends a setting of around 60° F. Press 21, enter the desired temperature, and the display will show the setting. The system will now shut down if the outside temperature rises above 60° F and turn back on when it drops below 60° F.

22This code sets the Minimum Return Water Temperature. TRIAD recommends a setting of 100° F, even though the system can handle a range of between 50° F to 190° F.

23This code allows you to override the computer to manually set the Outdoor Reset Ratio. The available range is from .10 to 2.50° F. Press 23, enter your desired Reset Ratio, and then press #. Control of the Outdoor Reset Ratio can be returned to the computer by entering “0" in code 23 and then pressing # .

24This controls the Rate Of Change Factor, which determines how quickly the boilers are brought on line or dropped off line. The Rate Of Change Factor simply indicates the speed of the counter in code 17 (which counts to 100 and is described in Section 6). The range of code 24 is between .01 to 2.00 seconds. For example, a setting of 1.00 will be a 100 second delay, a setting of 2.00 will only be a 50 second delay, because the timer is counting up to 100 by two’s (twice as fast). TRIAD recomends starting with setting at .10.

26This code tells the panel how many boilers it will control, up to a maximum of 24.

27This code sets the Design Return Water Line Temperature, which is determined by the Outdoor Design Temperature for your geographic region. The range of this code is 100° F to 225 ° F. To activate, press 27, input the desired Design Return Water Line Temperature, and then press #.

28This code sets the Design Outdoor Temperature. The range can be from -20 to 50. To enter, press 28, input the correct Design Outdoor Temperature, and then press #. To enter a number below 0° F just press any two (2) keys side by side at the some time to obtain a negative number, then enter your temperature.


Stage/Relay/Boiler Activation (On). Please read section 8 for a complete explanation of this


function before setting the control panel.




Not used at this time. Zero Out this code by pressing 50, then 9999, then #.




This code allows for temperature set-back when the building is empty.




ENTERING 30, THEN 9999, THEN (#).


Code 30 sets back the temperature for all 7 days of the week, and codes 31 through 37 will


set back the temperature on a specific day or days.

90Zero this out by entering 9999 in Code 91 and pressing the # sign.

Section 3

Entry Codes

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Panasonic 8900 SH installation manual Series 8900SH Control Panel, Operation And Installation Manual, Section, Entry Codes