Panasonic ST50K, ST50T, ST50D, ST50M, ST50P Sound 3D HDMI Network, Problem, Causes / Actions, FAQs

Models: ST50T ST50P ST50D ST50M ST50K

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Causes / Actions

No sound is produced

Is “Sound mute” active? (p. 12)

Is the volume set to the minimum?




Sound level is low or

Sound signal reception may be deteriorated.

sound is distorted

Set [MPX] (p. 42) in the Sound Menu to [Mono].



Unusual sound from the

When power is on, drive noise may be heard from inside the TV (not a sign of


faulty operation).

Has the 3D Eyewear been switched on and registered with this TV? Manual background (p. 32)

Is the 3D Eyewear mode set to 3D?

Slide the tab once to the “MODE” position to change the mode between 3D and 2D. Manual background (p. 31)

Check the remaining battery level of the 3D Eyewear. (Battery status is displayed on the screen when the 3D Eyewear is turned on.)

Does the 3D Eyewear support Bluetooth wireless technology? Manual background (p. 30)

Cannot view 3D images

Ensure that [3D Mode Selection] is set to [3D].

(p. 34)


Some 3D image signals may not be automatically recognised as 3D images.



Set [3D Mode Selection (Manual)] to match the picture format.

(p. 35)


Check that there are no obstacles between the TV and the 3D Eyewear.


Check the available area to use the 3D Eyewear. (p. 32)



For some people, the 3D images may be difficult to see, or cannot be seen,


especially in users who have a different level of eyesight between the left and


right eyes. Take the necessary steps (wearing glasses etc.) to correct your


eyesight before use.







3D Eyewear is turned off

Check that there are no obstacles between the TV and the 3D Eyewear.









There is something wrong

Check the setting of [Picture Sequence] or [Edge Smoother].

(p. 36)

with the 3D images








The indicator lamp does




not light when pressing

The battery may be running low or flat. Replace it.


the power button on the





3D Eyewear







Set the sound setting of the connected equipment to “2ch L.PCM”.

Sound is unusual

Check the [HDMI1 / 2 / 3 Input] setting in the Sound Menu. (p. 42)

If digital sound connection has a problem, select analogue sound connection.



(p. 88)







Pictures from external

Check the HDMI cable is connected properly.

(p. 79)


equipment are unusual

Turn the TV and equipment off, then turn them on again.


when the equipment is

Check an input signal from the equipment. (p. 90)


connected via HDMI

Use equipment compliant with EIA/CEA-861/861D.


Check the LAN cable or wireless LAN is connected properly. Manual background (p. 63)

Check the connections and settings. Manual background (p. 63 - 67)

Check the network equipment and network environment.

The router may not be set to issue IP address automatically. If the network

Cannot connect to the

administrator prefers to allocate an IP address, set an IP address manually.


(p. 65)

The router may be using MAC address filtering (security setting). Confirm the MAC Address of this TV (p. 42) and set the router to use it.

If the problem persists, consult your Internet Service Provider or telecommunications company.

Cannot select the file

Is media server of the connected equipment prepared? (p. 62)

during DLNA operations

Check applicable data format. (p. 84, 85)



Cannot operate

Check the connections and settings. (p. 63 - 67)

VIERA Connect

The server or connected line may be busy now.


Page 93
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Panasonic ST50K, ST50T, ST50D, ST50M, ST50P warranty Sound 3D HDMI Network, Problem, Causes / Actions, FAQs