1.Extra Large Capacity

Ultra drying capabilities are at your fingertips! Now you can dry extra-large loads. Our ultralarge 7.5 cu.ft. capacity dryer circulates more air through your clothes, drying them faster, for a wrinkle-free result.

2.Steam Cycle

This cycle sprays a small amount of water into the dryer drum after several minutes of tumbling with heat. It reduces bad odors from clothing that are difficult to remove when washing with water, and also reduces wrinkles.

3.Sanitize Course

This course allows you to sanitize garments by permeating high temperature heat deep into the fabric during the drying cycle. Use this course to keep your bedding and curtains clean. When selecting this cycle, 99.9% of certain bacteria is eliminated through high temperature heat. Use this cycle for clothing, bedding, towels, or other items needing sanitized. This certification is conducted by NSF International, an independent third-party testing and certification organization.

NSF Protocol P154

Sanitization Performance of

Residential Clothes Dryers

4.Various Drying Cycles & Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

Simply turn the Jog Dial to select one of the 13 automatic drying cycles, including normal, heavy duty and bedding, or let the Fuzzy Logic Control measure the degree of dampness and automatically set the drying time. Precision drying has never been easier than with Samsung.

5.Time Saving

Our cycles are designed with you in mind. All our dryers are designed to dry your clothes in less time... just 50 minutes! Giving you time for more important things in life.

6.Energy Saving

Samsung dryers are super energy efficient. You can dry up to 3.31 pounds of laundry with 1kWh. Also, both the large capacity and Fuzzy Logic Control save energy by automatically drying your clothes the most efficient way.

7.Easy Reversible Door

Our dryers will fit just about anywhere and without a door conflict. The direction of our easy reversible door can be changed with just four screws.

2_ Features

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