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To select a cycle, rotate the Cycle Selector dial to the desired cycle.

The indicator light by the cycle name will illuminate.


Sensor Dry automatically senses the moisture in the load and shuts the dryer off


when the selected dryness level (very dry to damp dry) is reached.


Eco Normal – This cycle reduces energy usage by 10% to 15% compared to


Normal Dry depending on load. It adjusts cycle time and temperature for better


efficiency with Samsung smart control technology.


Normal – Use this cycle to dry loads such as cotton, underwear, and linen.


Heavy Duty – Use this cycle to get high heat for heavy fabrics such as jeans,


corduroys, or work clothes.


Perm Press – Dry wrinkle-free cottons, synthetic fabrics, knits, and permanent


press fabrics automatically.


Bedding – For bulky items such as blankets, sheets and comforters.


Delicates – The Delicates cycle is designed to dry heat-sensitive items at a low


drying temperature.


Wool – For machine washable and tumble dryable wool only.


Load should be under 3 pounds. The Wool cycle of this

1 Cycle Selector

machine has been approved by Woolmark company for


Total-Easy-Care Wool products, M0913(DV520*E*) and M1007(DV520*G*).

Sanitize – This course allows you to sanitize garments by permeating high temperature heat deep into the fabric during the drying cycle. Use this course to keep your bedding and curtains clean through sanitization.

Time Dry – Time Dry allows you to select the desired cycle time in minutes. Turn the Cycle Selector dial to Time Dry, then press the Adjust Time up arrow to set the drying time. Press the arrow repeatedly to scroll through the time settings. Quick Dry - Provides a 30 minutes drying cycle.

Air Fluff – The Air Fluff cycle tumbles the load in room temperature air.

Refresh – This cycle is best for smoothing out wrinkles and reducing odors from loads consisting of one to four dry items. In this cycle a small amount of water is sprayed into the dryer drum after several minutes of tumbling with heat.

Wrinkle Away – Use this cycle to reduce wrinkles from dry clothes that have been left in closet for a while. It provides advanced wrinkle release performance by optimized steam care. Up to 3 items can be used.

Overloading the dryer may not yield the same results.

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