Shuts off before load is dry

Dryer load is too small. Add more items or a few towels and restart


the cycle.


Dryer load is too large. Remove some items and restart the dryer.

Lint on clothes

Make sure the lint filter is cleaned before every load. With some loads


that produce high amounts of lint, it may be necessary to clean the


filter during the cycle.


Some fabrics are lint producers (for example, a fuzzy white cotton


towel)and they should be dried separately from clothes that are lint


trappers(for example, a pair of lack linen pants)


Divide larger loads into smaller loads for drying


Check pockets thoroughly before washing and drying clothes.

Garments still wrinkled after

Small loads of 1 to 4 items work best.


Load fewer garments.Load similar-type garments.

Odors remain in clothing

Fabrics containing strong odors should be washed in a normal cycle.

after Refresh.


Water drips from nozzle

This is steam condensation. The dripping water will stop after a short

when Steam-Care starts


Sprayed water is not visible

Sprayed water is difficult to see when the door is closed

during Steam-Care




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