This microwave oven has to be positioned so that plug is accessible.

If the oven generates a strange noise, a burning smell, or smoke is emitted, unplug the power plug immediately and contact your nearest service center.

During cleaning conditions the surfaces may get hotter than usual and children should be kept away. (Cleaning function model only.)

Excess spillage must be removed before cleaning and utensils which state in cleaning manual can be left in the oven during cleaning. (Cleaning function model only.)

Appliance should allow to disconnection of the appliance from the supply after installation. The disconnection may be achieved by having the plug accessible or by incorporating a switch in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules. (Built-in model only.)

If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.

WARNING: When the appliance is operated in the combination mode, children should only use the oven under adult supervision due to the temperatures generated.

The temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is operating.

The door or the outer surface may get hot when the appliance is operating.


Only use utensils that are suitable for use in microwave ovens; DO NOT use any metallic containers, Dinnerware with gold or silver trimmings, Skewers, forks, etc.

Remove wire twist ties from paper or plastic bags. Reason: Electric arcing or sparking may occur and may damage the oven.

When heating food in plastic or paper containers, keep an eye on the oven due to the possibility of ignition;

Do not use your microwave oven to dry papers or clothes.

Use shorter times for smaller amounts of food to prevent overheating and burning food.

If smoke is observed, switch off or unplug the appliance and keep the door closed in order to stifle any flames;

The oven should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits removed;

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