Do not place the oven over a fragile object such as a sink or glass object. (Counter top model only.)

Do not use benzene, thinner, alcohol, steam cleaner or high pressure cleaner to clean the appliance.

Ensure that the power voltage, frequency and current are the same as those of the product specifications.

Plug the power plug into the wall socket firmly. Do not use a multiple plug adapter, an extension cord or an electric transformer.

Do not hook the power cord on a metal object, insert the power cord between the objects or behind the oven.

Do not use a damaged power plug, damaged power cord or loose wall socket. When the power plug or power cord is damaged, contact your nearest service centre.

Appliances are not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system.

Do not pour or directly spray water onto the oven.

Do not place objects on the oven, inside or on the door of the oven.

Do not spray volatile material such as insecticide onto the surface of the oven.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Keep children away from the door when opening or closing it as they may bump themselves on the door or catch their fingers in the door.

The appliance is not intended for installing in road vehicles, caravans and similar vehicles etc.

Do not store flammable materials in the oven. Take special care when heating dishes or drinks that contain alcohol as alcohol vapours may contact a hot part of the oven.

The microwave oven is intended to be used on the counter or counter top use only, the microwave oven shall not be placed in a cabinet. (Counter top model only.)

WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements. Children less than 8 years of age shall be kept away unless continuously supervised.

WARNING: Only allow children to use the oven without supervision when adequate instructions have been given so that the child is able to use the oven in a safe way and understands the hazards of improper use.


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