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Removing beaters or mixers

Once stopped, unplug. In position 0, push the eject button (c) forward to eject the beaters or mixers.

Removing the blender shaft

Stop the mixer on position 0, disconnect the appliance and unscrew the blender shaft, turning it clockwise.


1.Make certain that the appliance is correctly unplugged.

2.Clean the beaters, mixers or blender shaft immediately after use to keep the remaining oil or egg mixture from sticking or drying out.

3.You can clean the accessories under the tap with a sponge and washing up liquid.

- They can also been washed in the dishwasher.

4.Clean the body of the appliance using a moist sponge only and dry carefully.

5.Never wash the appliance in the dishwasher.

6.Do not use abrasive sponges or objects with metal parts.

7.Never immerse the motor unit in water. Wipe with a dry or barely moistened cloth.

Caution: The blender shaft has a very sharp blade. Precautions must be taken when cleaning it.

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