Dimplex DF3215 manual Operation, Electric Fireplace Manual Control, A. Main On/Off Switch

Models: DF3215

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3.Ensure the MANUAL CONTROL on the unit is in the Remote position (left position). (refer to electric fireplace manual control instruction section)

4.Plug the unit into a 15Amp/120Volt outlet. If the cord does not reach, you may use an extension cord rated for a minimum of 1875 watts.


Ensure the power cord is not installed so that it is pinched or against a sharp edge. Also ensure the power cord is stored or secured to avoid tripping or snagging to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons.



The manual controls for the fireplace are located in the upper right hand corner.

A. Main On/Off Switch

Supplies power to the 3 position manual control switch.

B.3 Position Manual Control Switch

Remote (left position): The unit is operated with the remote control.

Flame (center position): The flame effect is turned ON.

Flame & Heat (right position): The flame effect and heater are turned ON simultaneously. When the manual control is in the Flame & Heat position the heater does not run on the remote operated thermostat. When the heater is ON the red indicator light is activated on the firebox and the fan and heater are running on low.


When the manual control switch is in the Flame and Flame & Heat positions, the fireplace unit will not operate with the remote control.


Page 7
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Dimplex DF3215 Operation, Electric Fireplace Manual Control, A. Main On/Off Switch, B.3 Position Manual Control Switch