Eiki LC-SD10 owner manual Appendix, Troubleshooting

Models: LC-SD10

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Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance, check the matters below once again.

Make sure you have properly connected the projector to peripheral equipment as described in the section "Installation" on P15-16.

Make sure all equipment is connected to AC outlet and turned on the power.

When you operate the projector with a computer, and it does not project an image, restart the computer.


No power.

Image is out of focus.

Picture is Left/Right reversed.

Picture is Top/Bottom reversed.

Some displays are not seen during the Operation.

Try these Solutions

Plug the projector into your AC outlet.

Make sure if the POWER Indicator lights red.

Wait 90 seconds after a projector is turned OFF when turning the projector back on.

The projector can be turned on after the Power indicator turns red. ("Turning Off the Projector " P19 )

Check WARNING TEMP. indicator. If the indicator flashes red, the projector cannot be turned on. ( "Warning Indicator " P42 )

Check the projection lamp. ( P40-41 )

Unlock Key lock for the projector in the Setting Menu. ( P38 )

Adjust focus of the projector. ( P20 )

Provide proper distance between the projector and projection screen. ( P13 )

Check the projection lens to see if it needs cleaning. ( P43 )

Moving the projector from a cool temperature location to a warm temperature location may result in moisture condensation on the projection lens. In such an event, leave the projector OFF and wait until condensation disappears.

Check Ceiling / Rear feature. ( “Setting” on page 37 )

Check Ceiling feature. ( “Setting” on page 37 )

Check Display feature.(“Setting” on page 36 )

No image. – Check the connection between your computer or video equipment and the projector.

Check if the input signal is correctly output from your computer. Some laptop computers may need to change the setting for monitor output when connected to the projector. See the computer's owner's manual for its setting.

Check NO SHOW function. ( P21)

When turning on the projector, it takes about 30 seconds to display an image.

Check the system that you select is corresponding with your computer or video equipment.

Select correct input source once again following the menu operation.

Make sure the temperature is not out of the operating temperature range (5°C ~ 35°C).

No sound. – Check audio cable connection from audio input source. ( P15-16)

Adjust the audio source.

Press VOLUME (+) button.( P21)

Press MUTE button. ( P21)


Page 44
Image 44
Eiki LC-SD10 owner manual Appendix, Troubleshooting